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Wilderness Guides

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16' Wilderness Guide
Weight65 lbs.
Base Price$5,400.00
Some of us still take our wood and canvas canoes far afield on the alluring wilderness lakes and rivers that beckon mostly from the northern reaches of our continent. We find them tough, capable, and accommodating and for the most part wouldn’t use anything else. Many of the best qualities of a tripping canoe are embodied in E.M. White’s Guide model canoes. These form the core of our wilderness cruising line up.

The 16' Guide is a deeper version of our standard 16' Scout which was first made for a retiring Labrador guide. It has a relatively flat bottom with about an inch of rocker fore and aft. The ribs and planking are slightly lighter than normal, but we use regular weight canvas and get a finished weight of about 65 pounds. Half ribs are standard. It is a great canoe for casual cruising or serious trips of up to two weeks.
18' Wilderness Guide
Length18' 6
Weight80 lbs.
Base Price$5,800.00
The 18'6" Guide has proven itself a near perfect traveling canoe for about a century. It has a slight arch across the bottom, rocker, narrow entries and a classic sheerline that looks great and keeps the rough water out. A model of proven superiority by generations of foresters, wardens, campers, and guides.
20' Wilderness Guide
Weight90 lbs.
Base Price$6,200.00
Another century old classic, the 20' White was the choice of most professional Maine guides when one-on-one guiding was in fashion. The E.M. White poles and paddles like no other twenty footer, and its wide, relatively flat bottom allows it to carry a great amount of gear without drawing much water. Because of its capacity and stability, the 20' Guide is becoming a popular choice for families with young children, dogs, and such.
Wilderness Guides
"Jerry, congratulations on 35 years of building wonderful canoes! My 1995 Guide is still my pride and joy and I never tire of paddling her. Just getting better with age!"
Regards Steve Pitt

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