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Scale Model Canoes

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Salesman's Sample Models
As early as 1912 Old Town began using salesman’s sample scale models as portable replicas of their full-sized canoes and as incentives to dealers. We offer two sizes of Old Town models – half-scale (8’) and quarter scale (4’) as well as a third-scale (6’) E.M. White Guide model, and even a third-scale (5’) model of our Millennium Sojourner decorated canoes. Much of the model work is accomplished by Andrea Myers, who is also our head varnisher, and office manager.
8' (half scale) Old Town OTCA Base price $2800
6' (third scale) E.M. White Guide Base price $2200
5' (third scale) E.M. White Millenium Base price $4600
5' (third scale E. M. White 1889 Base price $2400
4' (quarter scale) Old Town OTCA Base price $2400

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