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Millennium Sojourner

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Lewis & Clarke #8, pictures by Garrett Conover
Millennium Sojourner
Base Price$12,500.00
The Millennium Sojourner collector's edition canoe was conceived to blend Jerry's lifelong interests in art, wildlife, and fine canoe building

The 15'4" slightly modified E.M. White canoe is one of White's earliest models and reflects his admiration for the exquisite bark canoes of the Penobscot and Maliseet nations. Sojourner comes with a unique aged satin finished interior, Cree style extra fine babiche woven seats, winter park panels on the bow and stern, with spruce root lashings and custom silver name plate. The exterior is hand painted with wildlife paintings in a lightfast acrylic paint protected by several coats of satin varnish. Each Millennium Sojourner is unique, with wildlife panels tailored to each clients's interest. The builder, Jerry Stelmok does all the paintings.

Just twelve Millennium Sojourners plus the prototype are being built and most have already been spoken for.

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